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236 45%
289 55%
Voters: 525.
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I feel kind of weird admitting this but, I really do think that Sarah Palin is attractive. And I think it's refreshing to see a hot chick in American politics after the years of Nancy Pelosi, Dianne Finestein, and of course Hillary.

Sarah Palin Eye Candy!


Anyone feel the same?

Oh, If you want to talk politics go to the politics thread! It's not welcome here!
I'd hit it like the fist of an angry god.
She looks like an awkward, old Tina Fey. I've always thought Tina Fey was kind of cute in a strange way. I does not approve of Palin. She looks like she's really uptight, like her smiles are really forced and she could turn around and bite your face off at any second (in the non-kinky way).
I could see where someone might find her attractive though.
shes kind a old so i would say she snot

edit: typo, oh well it's sorta funny
grok it.


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Hotter than Obama. Unless your a chick who likes dudes or a dude who likes dudes.
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whats her 17 year old pregnant daughter look like
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shes a republican too... so she should be mad ugly... but shes not... she has a classy "id bone her" kind of look
what's wrong with you?
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I'd rather sex up Ben Weasel. She's not that attractive, and I love milfs. LOVE.

Ben Weasel can't sex me up, he has no hair!!!
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yeah, but not cause she looks good. i'd totally hit that though.
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There you go. And my answer is a definite no. She's not attractive at all, but I felt like being a nice guy.

What an unattractive picture. May I change my vote earlier from "not my type" to "wtf?" I feel like she's going to eat me.
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Sarah Palin is a potential VPILF.

John McCain's old so we may even have the first PILF!
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John McCain's old so we may even have the first PILF!
I don't know, that Bill Clinton just had a way with words...
ehh maybe like 10 yrs ago.

But shes not a bad looking mom. I wouldnt go as far as MILF though.
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In a Milf way.
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I don't know, that Bill Clinton just had a way with words...

He's EXTREMELY persuasive.....
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for a 44 year old governor shes totally hot.
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