I am putting together the electronics for a guitar builder, but I am by no means an expert... not even close. It is a 1 single coil, 1 humbucker guitar and the mods designed are as followed: (I have the wiring all charted, but need help with the order of these)

1 Coil Split to gain access to either half of the HB. Not that they sound that different but hey....

2 Series/Parallel switch for the HB, mostly for combining with the SC in the neck

3 Phase inverter for the coils of the HB. Either the whole pickup or each coil (which I haven't done, just seems excessive for 2 pickups on a guitar when one is a SC. Unless someone knows an easy way to switch the phase of each coil conveniently. Again this is mostly for combining with the neck single coil.

4 Finally, a switch that bypasses all the push/pull (ON/ON) mods.

What order should these run in for maximum convenience and efficiency, and I want to make sure the SPST ON/OFF I have in mind for the mods bypass to just get the regular humbucker is correct, and/or in the right place.

Sorry for being wordy, and thanks in advance to anyone with advice.

alejioIs there a correct order in wiring mods? Is there a correct order in wiring mods?
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With an ON/ON/ON DPDT toggle, you can do a series/split/parallel mod.
Then you'll need a seperate switch for the phase reversal.

I don't understand your 4th one. Each of those mods can be disabled via there own switch. Do you just want to bypass all the electronics (pots included)? You can do that...You'll get a little bit more treble, and a little bit more output.
Well, for #4 I guess I was wondering if there is a need to bypass push/pull mods that are both not the regular humbucker sound. Since they are both ON ON there is no built in way to go to just the regular sound. Or will series/parallel take care of that in one of the positions? Also do you think the switching mod you described would be a lot better (and space saving)? In the 3 way mod, for the split part, should I just choose which start and finish from which coil I want?

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For the split, just pick one coil or the other.
Phase only sounds different when you have two pickups selected at the same time.
Series is the normal pickup sound.
If you do the above things, you won't need a bypass, unless you want to bypass the pots too.
Ya, that is what I thought about the phase inverter, it would be for mixing. Ya...series...duh heh, I am an idiot. Any ideas, feel free, please.

Thanks a bunch guys!


ps If anyone has a schmetic or a layout for the ON ON ON series/split/parallel that has any color code key that would be awesome. Like I said, I am quite an amateur.
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