I'm just starting up a small home studio, and I'm looking into a relatively cheap mic that would work well on guitar and possibly bass amps as well as vocals.My big priorities here are the guitar and the vocals though.

I'm looking at a budget of about $100-125, and I can go to $150 if it's that much better. Keep in mind that I'm just a 14 year old with a paper route, so money comes in kinda slowly, at a rate of about $30 every two weeks, so I kinda want to stay near what I have now so I can actually get some recording done in the near future.
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The Audix mic is probably fine, though I have no experience with it. However, you will *always* have a use for a 57 - even if you stick with this recording thing and when you move up to mics where your current $150 budget wouldn't even pay the tax on them.

If you can, think long term.

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