Today going to the local luthier to see if I could swap the pickups from my old upright bass to the new and improved one (and it turns out i could not without sanding down part of the bridge) i bumped the ground with my end pin (common situation, right?). When I bumped the ground, the rubber stopper came out and , unbeknownst to me, the screw that holds the end pin in place was loose. So as you can predict, the end pin went inside the bass and now I have no idea how to get it out. It is just out of gripping reach, and since I cant pull it out the easy way, I have no idea how I can now get it without disassembling half of the bass (tailpiece would need to come out, with the tail piece comes the strings and the bridge.)

Any help on my simplistic yet insanely frustrating situation?
Dunno, could you get like a coathanger and hook it at the end in such a way that you could perhaps pull the endpin into reaching distance? Or get someone else to hold the bass upright and off the ground so gravity does the same?
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or one really cheap yet ghetto way is to not use the end pin at all.
find a bucket that is about the right height for you and put the bass on top of it. you could even add some rubber mat to the bottom of the bucket so it doesnt move.

Other than that, not much else to say other than you have to take the bass apart
I suggest string and superglue.
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