Hey. I'm the guitarist for a new rock band called Kadium, and we've just put up a video from our first gig on youtube. I'd love it if anyone can spare a couple of minutes to watch it, and maybe leave some feedback if you enjoy it, or some constructive criticism or whatever!


I'll be putting more videos up later, and we've got another gig on saturday (in the same place, just in the day - which hopefully means a better video), so I'll be upping stuff from that.

We're just establishing our presence on the web, so I'd really appreciate your help!

Thanks ;P
rock band rule: if you're gonna have a chick singer, that's fine, but she has to be really good.

that aside, though: just listening to the guitar and rythym section, i actually thought it was rather good. especially for a first gig. i wish my band's first gig would've been like that.