Had some crazy dream that a comet was just about to hit the earth.
Well actually it was just about to land right on my face so i quickly took my phone out and took a picture of me with the comet behind me and somehow found the time to send it to all my contacts lol

what would you do if a comet was just about to hit the earth
and eeeeeeveryone was gonna be killed by it?
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So, two nights ago I had a dream that I beat that obnoxious Ninja Turtle Ronaldo or something to death with my johnson and then I banged some chick in a trench coat. That was a good drream.

Edit: After further review it was Michaelangelo I killed
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So last night, I had a dream someone named Zab posted a thread about dreaming that a comet was hitting earth.
True story

how weird lol
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Hahaha... and try and time it so that you explode when the world explodes.

Maybe that'll reverse the effect. hmm....
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