I'm really into the classic Sabbath tone. I currently use a Line 6 Flextone Duo with the Fuzz setting, and a MIM HSS Strat with a Duncan Custom in the bridge. How should the new Dano models sound with the same amp? Because it's semi-hollow body, I worry about it sounding thin. Does anyone manufacture Replacement lipstick pickup that are a little more aggressive than the stock ones?
I've heard a demo of them, and they don't sound too thin at all. Quite a nice tone .
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why would you worry about a semi-hollow guitar sounding thin?

I have the 12-string, it doesn't sound at all thin. There are some aftermarket lipstick tube pickups but not too many, because there isn't really much of a market for it since danelectros aren't really a popular company - very underrated. I think that since its not going to be as simple to find replacement pickups as it would with most other guitars, danelectro take care to put decent pickups in their guitars in the first place.
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Dano's are great, the korean reissue in the 90's took many guitar magazine by surprise, and they got brilliant reviews, the chinese ones are not as good, so have a look for the korean ones. I sold to a friend a model based on jimmy pages, very nice guitar,one I regret selling.
They are thinner sounding than a les paul. but no thinner than a Fender, or maybe a ricky
So, would you fellows say they could handle a moderate, bassy distortion, like on the early Sabbath albums? I've already seen they have an excellent clean sound.