alright. i've been playing guitar for about 5 years and at the beginning i took it really slow and wasted a lot of time. As of lately ive been getting more into it learning more songs (trying to anyways) but i just feel like im not going anywhere. i know some songs with some pretty good/challenging solos in them (for me) like rock you like a hurricane but i just feel like im not getting any better. can someone please help me or refer me to a place that i can work on my improvising skills at least. right now that's what i really want to work on, improvising a solo because i need them for some of my songs and i feel this wud be a huge break through musically if i cud learn to do this. i know this doesnt come easily and i may be at it for a while but i really want this.

thanks guys.
Learn 12 bar blues improv, that's how first learned to make solos. Once you get that down, go into different chord progressions and keys.
Learn the pentatonics if you haven`t already, and start soloing over some simple loops.
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