Ok this song I wrote about a month ago I believe. It sounds kinda emo but yeh.

Verse 1: When I try/ I try too hard/ nothing seems to fit, nothing seems to help/ it hurts so much/ I hate this feeling inside/ nothing seems to cover it/ nobody cares/ nobody cares/

Chorus: I'm better off dead/ (better off dead)/ nobody cares/ if I live or die/ what the f*** am I doing here/ this feelings getting to my head/ nobody cares/ nobody cares/ I'm better off dead/

Verse 2: (repeat verse 1) NOBODY F***ING CARES!/

Chorus: (repeat chorus x2)

(p.s. the majority of the outro is screaming for metal and just high pitched singing for acoustic)

Outro: Nobody/ Nobody cares/ but why, why am I here/ gun in hand/ I wish I knew why/ please, please forgive me/ forgive me for my mistakes/ forgive me for my sins/ just set me free/
no offense man, but i think you should stop feeling sorry for yourself. I mean, dude, sure, u got problems, but so do i and everyone else. Hey, lyrically, it was good structure, but i think you should try to make it a little more positive. instead of having the gun in hand, why dont you mention your throwing it out, because it is not worth the pain it will cause everyone else. Anyway, u got talent, but i think you should make more positive metal. Like a7x, or bfmv.
first off its not really the type of music i listen to, so im not to knowledgable int eh subject, but no offense to the above poster, dont listen to him. lyrics arre a way people deal with there feelings, sometimes you just ogt to get dark things out. personally i liked it andi could see it being a cool punk song but thats just me, hope that helps

crit mine if you go titme?
thanks to both. this was a song inspired by my depression with my g/f but thank god were past it now.. i have other songs i'll post one in a week..no more depression songs (thats the only one i think)