I can't tell what sort of rotary this is. It is a single wafer, but has 12 points on the bottom side, and I think it is only a 2 pole. Certainly a weird part I got a long time ago, if anyone can shed some light on what this is, based on crappy pictures and descriptions that I have, that would kick ass. Then maybe someone can tell me how to wire up a 2 pole 5 or 6 (I think) throw rotary switch. On the top half of the wafer there are five contacts on one side, and a single one on the opposite. I am lost. How would I even wire this freak? It would be useful to implement if I knew.


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its a 5-way rotary switch, like PRS uses. you can buy them on ebay for 1 dollar each out of china, they are pretty well made switches. one output controls the right side, other controls the left side, if you wire both to your pot, you can do all sorts of wacky combos. you can see which parts are hot when you twist the switch.
So the two tabs that make contact when the knob is spun are the two poles? Or are there 4? Hrmm, could be fun...

Gotcha beat! Doing a HB in bridge and a SC neck on some guy's old Firebird type guitar. If I could really figure this out I could get rid of push pulls and levers, for spitting and stuff, but I also want to make a cap value adjuster like a Varitone. Gotta figure it out I guess, I have been thrown into the fire by a luthier who hates electronics, so.... If you have specific ideas, that would be cool, but thanks for your help anyway, you confirmed what I feared might not be true ie. that this thing isn't a useless piece of shit.

Check out this website below. I use it when I am wiring up different switches or pickups I don't know the color codes for.


The have a diagram for the PRS style 5 way rotary switch LP Addict is talking about.
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Well since PRS's are dual HB, and I am wiring an H/S, I don't have enough leads. Nor do I think I have enough poles. That 4P5T rotary is a double decker. Might just do a varitone if anyone has ideas, schematics seem hard to find, but it is pretty simple. I just need to learn this damn switch.