not into acoustic but its alright, i need fuzz!

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Nice guitar riff troughout! It also sounds like you didn't use standard tuning which is very cool for any acoustic work. Good job man !
definitely not my style, but I can say the playing and singing is quite good, I guess its the kind of song you would sing to a group of girls hehehe you know what i mean!

keep it up!
Thanks for the crit

Just listened to time tor un, sounds good!

Guitar riff reminds me of a radiohead tune (called "how can you be sure"). Vocals get a little nasally in parts but overall I like the sound of your voice, fits the song well. Only thing I might suggest really is changing it up a bit more somewhere in the song as it gets a little repetitive. You have this second guitar pattern that sounds cool but use it sparingly... hard to describe what i mean but its more stacatto/muted and feels like its going to build up to something, but it usually just lasted a few seconds then it was back to the regular legato pattern of the song.

Keep up the good work tho, otherwise a cool tune!
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i like the pattern you had going, it almost reminds me of a Bob Dylan song, and the singing was okay.
thanks for your crit man!

i listened to "time to run"

first my favorite line - my hometown is dying, nothing but closed cafes

i like the way the chorus is enacted but you could try backing vocals or double layer guitars to make it sound more full?

guitar reminds me of early john mayer with the cool strumming pattern....very alternative singing

overall i give it 3/5 but with a little more mastery of your own song, you could definitely make it great

thanks for the crit!!!!

i like the song alot its very cool. i love the guitar and vocals. you had nice lyrics too. hope to hear more
Wow, I really like the riff. The lyrics are pretty good. However the guitar is slightly repetive - how did you record it? I like your tone, I dunno how to describe it, but it's good.
I'm looking for a tab of The Marshall Plan, by Blue Oyster Cult, and of Mario Minor, by Powerglove. If you have one please PM me.
Thanks for the crit! The tune sounds fantastic. Great quality and playing/vocals. Cool laid back vibe to it. I like it!