I have a 2008 mexican fender stratocaster in sunburst and rosewood and i want to swap out the neck for a 62' reissue neck. how much should it be to buy just the neck and would it fit the body of my strat. also i was wondering if the difference in the fretboard radius between the two is recognizable and if the 62 would be harder to play. thanks
the neck is probably going to be about $250-300 for a legitimate fender neck. as for changing the neck, it will need to be brought to a luthier for proper installation and setup, the neck may need a shim, intonation, truss rod adjustment and all that jazz. i would say a $400-$500 project depending on the neck you get. the radius will more than likely be 7.25" rather than the 9" or 9.5" of the mexican, and the frets will also be vintage size, smaller than your mexican ones. vintage style necks play great in my opinion.....