Hello everyone,

Ok straight to the point... theres a music competition at school in about 3 weeks. I was just wondering what songs could i think about doing. There are a few people doing Ocean by John Butler, i was thinking of doing it but it would get boring for the audiance / markers. There are a few songs that i was thinking about doing which are... The Rain Song, Bron-Yr-Aur and Black Mountain Side.

Can you please help me make a choice as i gotta get practicing ASAP.

Any other songs that you think i should do i will also think about.

i really dont want to sound like a pansy here but try romanza. its old and classical and complex but it really isnt that difficultand sounds great. and this is coming from a punk player.
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Its just a instumental, just me on guitar..... I can do electric songs as well but i would prefer to do acoustic as it takes time to set up my gear.

I was also thinking of Tall Fiddler or Classical Gas by Tommey Emanual..