I am looking to upgrade my RR3 with a better fretboard and neck. Is there anyway I can get a bolt on neck with an ebony fretboard (22 or 24 frets)? I know the DK1 has this but I dont see anywhere on the jackson website where I can just order replacement parts. Is there any other place I can go for what I'm looking for other than to camp ebay till it comes up?
Warmoth maybe?
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that would be amazingly awkward, have you had any luck with warmoth???
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well warmoth is the go-to place for that i think
maybe you can find it there
but you cant have a 24 fret neck in that guitar
unless you want it really not intonated and notes being all out of tune
if you what a 24 fret neck on that guitar you need to re-route the body
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24 frets wont fit on a rhoads. you gotta custom it. i think the neck pickup will be in the way if you try. as for the ebony. warmoth maybe? sometimes i see necks on ebay and craigslist. check there.
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Warmoth necks will not fit Jackson guitars because of the pocket and neck heel. Even their "Jackson" design ones are meant to fit a Charvel or Fender.
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Not to discourage you from customizing your guitar, but I feel it's a common notion to incorrectly consider ebony as superior to rosewood. It's "better" really only because it is more expensive, exclusive, etc., and therefore has by tradition come to be sold as an upgrade. Functionally and tonally however, I find the opposite to be true.


If you want 24 frets, you would likely have to either have to move the pickup, or have a custom neck made with a longer scale length than the existing 25.5, probably by a significant amount.

My dear David Collins, also you may find, that not only Ebony is more expensive because of the exlusivense of it (rareness of this wood), but because
1)Its harder to work with
2)AA quality has almost no pores
3)It can achieve almost a jet black natural color.

For me ebony is far more superior than rosewood, because I find it

A) Much more comfortable
B) Much more Appealing to the Eysight
C) More smooth.

Im sure you already know all the things Ive listed before.

Functonally, its the same, both woods serve as fretboard.

Tonally, I wouldnt mind, the difference that the fretboard wood would make to your ear in comparison to the giant change in feel, is almost, or it is neglectable.

Years before I had really sweatty hands, and when I played with a rosewood guitar my hands got stuck, due to the heavy sweating in contact with the wood,
I passed on to ebony where my sweat was not absorbed and it was awsome.

I say go for ebony, if you really think about it, most of the most expensive and nicest guitars have ebony fretboard. Though this should not be the cause of the upgrade.

You should change your fretboard wood only if you prefer ebony, because YOU like it better than other woods in any aspect.

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could you just replace the fretboard?

replacing the fretboard isn't is difficult as it sound. you have to heat the glue first....I do it with a clothes iron, by covering the fretboard with a towel that are just a little damp (this stops the fretboard drying out from the heat) and running the iron up and down the length of the board, then you can wedge it of with a chisel or similar. I've done 4 necks this way and never had anything go wrong
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Of course what one considers "better" is entirely subjective and up to individual whim. Ebony is not harder to work with than rosewoods, but it's aesthetics certainly contribute to it gaining it's premium status.

It's fine and perfectly valid if you prefer the look and feel (and though relatively small tonal impact on electrics, but not one to dismiss entirely either) of ebony. If you prefer ebony then by all means go for it. My points were mainly intended to offer a check, a reminder it you will, that just because something is traditionally marketed as an upgrade does not automatically make if universally "better".

I think it's better to think of them simply as alternate choices, not unlike the color of your paint job, one not necessarily being any "better" than the other.

I know what you mean,
but I think that ebony is a tad harder. And it tends to chip easily, which is annoying.

But of course, no its not "better", its like when choosing pickups, you shouldnt buy certain pickups because they are more expensive.

Well, if I must say, as the user above suggest, it coud be cool for you to replace the fretboard, If you have the guts to do it. Personally I woulnt do that for a first time on such guitar, of course if you were willing to pay for a warmoth neck, you can also pay a personal luthier to do you a fretboard, and change it for you.