Hey guys not sure if this is the right place to post this or not but i was just wondering what software people are using for drum synth etc when recording guitar on their computer

I got the guitar plugged in and everything but at the moment i only have basic midis i made to play over so the end recording sounds cheap and rubbish

so just looking for someone to point me in the direction of some decent software mainly to synth drums and allow me to add tracks to play with it

cheers, sam
i think this should go to riffs and recording section,
but anyways...I use fruityloops...
i use fruity loops its really simple

reason is much better but really hard to work

im assuming money is no option though

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wow u guys are quick, ive got fruity loops but just wondering if there is an alternative, money can be spent but it will need to be well spent

its mainly for fun, ive just got a stack of tabs ive made in guitar pro and thought it was about time i did something with them, done the band thing and that but thought id try something different
Use Cubase with guitar rig 3....It's how my band records! Brilliant quality, in my opinion.
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You could get cubase if you have a midi controller. The vst drums are pretty good.

There are student discount if you look on the internet.
hydrogen for programming drums, can get downloads for more realistic sounding drums, make your own beat and just make it repeat, export that and use audacity to put the drums and guitar together.
k thanks heaps, il look into it

how hard is it to figure out...hopefully i can spend more time recording than messing with drums lol i can play drums but not the sorta stuff i want to back up my rifs
you can always check to see if there are pre-recorded midi's of the beat you want as well.

But other then that, fruity loops is fine. Are you using a keyboard to record your drum tracks? or are you creating it by hand/mouse/screen?
i use cubase, its always given me pretty good quality.
i read in total guitar that they use drum kit from hell when they make there recordings for the backing tracks they do.
ive never used it but i guess if they use it it should be ok
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i think this should go to riffs and recording section,
but anyways...I use fruityloops...

+1 on R&R

Anyways I use Sonar Producer 7 for my music. It's a high end program and costs a lot but you get it all...

For drums you cant go wrong with Toontrack's SD2.0

Tweaks' Guide also has some info on all this:
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If you have FL already, consider EZDrummer to use with it.
got ezdrummer, its all working good with fl7. im just importing midis from the tabs ive made in guitar pro and using the ezdrummer plugin on it and it sounds great. just gotta get thru a recording now without screwin up :-(