Guys, I’m looking at buying an Epi LP Custom white, with the gold trim, mmmm. I think they look even more beautiful when the paint job has faded to off white/cream-ish. I’ve seen Gibson Custom whites that have faded, but I don’t know how old they were and so I’m just curious is their any way I can speed up the ageing process? I’ve heard of punters saying to lay it in a bath of cold tea, but I’m not too keen on doing that. Any other ideas?
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I had a white strat body a while back and wanted to do the same thing. I let it sit in direct sunlight for over a year and got it really yellow. Unfortunately I never flipped it over, so just the front side was yellowed and the back was still white, lol.
Epiphone don't actually make the Epi LP Custom in the bright Alpine White anymore... they now use an off-white cream colour called Antique White instead. So, problem solved!
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It's not gonna fade quickly 'coz it hasn't got nitro laquer like the Gibsons do, but if that guy's right ^ then you're halfway there.
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