ik most of you probably dont care, but I was trying to learn it again after giving it a rest, and I can actually play it pretty well.. Im almost all the way through learning the song, and theres not a single part of it thats above my skill level anymore (its still a very challenging piece, though, and a good workout, but not beyond me)...

its my favorite EVH song, and it just makes me feel like "the man" to play it...

but more than that, it made me realize that although Im no virtuoso, im not a beginner anymore either. aside from sweeps, I can pretty much play most things -- and I can sweep too, mind you, just not with many position shifts or switching from one arpeggio to another -- in other words I can do basic things with it...

so yeah, I feel awesome right now... I might do a cover of it somewhere . although for now, i need sleep -- its 4:30 am and I have school at 6

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cheers, now go back to bed! :P
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Who the hell has school at six in the morning..???

someone in the school band
nice work man ahahaa
only 1 and a half hours sleep
you could skip the beginning
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