Okay, yes, I know.

I think it's dreadful pop rubbish too - but on their track Sound of the Underground, they have this awesome 50's surfer-style guitar track, that I absolutely must have. Could anyone tab it?

that start bit is probably just tremolo picking from one of the higher frets down to the lower frets. try doing that on different strings/ starting frets and see how it goes, as for the rest of the song i can't really help there.
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I've heard of tremolo picking before... what exactly is it and how is it done?

I figured out the rest of the song though, beause I was dead bored earlier and didn't care if I already asked UG

It's in Drop D and goes:

*downwards slide*
[Low D]--0--7--8--7--0--7--0--12--]

Then repeat as neccessary. It's all really fast picking, so those notes are played many times, which I couldn't be arsed to write

Sounds great clean, on the bridge pickup. Maybe with a bit of echo... don't know what the offical name for that effect is