I noticed that alot of metal bands like to make up genre's to make them seem less mainstream in they actually are.

Agree? Disagree?
Genres? No. Subgenres perhaps....

Subgenres are very handy but can get ridiculous.

i.e. 'symphonic norse-core with hints of power folk/black/death epic melodeath with killer harmonies', etc.

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I want to try that while playing the opening riff to "Tempting Time".

0-0-0-13-0-0-0-0-13 or something like that alalalala but It;s so heavy and off time and awesome and you could not f**k anyone to it.

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burzum IS nazi. well, varg is.
some make weird titles for themselves, if i remember correctly nargoroth has a unique way of saying 'black metal.'
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