I was just screwing around on TradeMe (New Zealand used stuff site) when I found this amp.

I've never heard of the brand or anything before, but damn...30W tube power at that price is pretty damn good, and its in my area.

Do any UGers know of this amp, and if so what's it like?
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Seems like it's a hybrid or something:
"The valves take about 30 seconds to warm up if chosen"

I wouldn't go for it without playing it/knowing what it sounds like first.
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additional features include a Phone Jack?

Never heard of these Maniac Tube Rider amps so bump for ya!

Google didn't turn up much. There might be something more in these two places.


Vester Maniac amp mentioned on Harmoney central dot com.

what is your budget, where do you live and what do you play?

I do see a Soldano Rev-o-sonic 212 for 200 dollars (US or AUS?) and a Fender Stage 1600 for $800. on that link you provided.