hey i need recommendations on a distortion pedal. but i have a very specific sound i want.

i just sold off my dime distortion cos its too high gain and everything goes haywire after 12 o clock and it says 'dime' so everyone will assume i have bad tone.

i'm pretty short on cash so i need a pedal that can fit the bill and my budget.

firstly i'm looking for a distortion which:
- has just enough gain to achieve pinch harmonics easily
- doesnt colour the tone
- give a tube distortion like tone
- good range of eq (nice mids most impt for me)

a good example would be steve vai's tone.. but i'm not a fan of steve vai and i dont play like him. think 80s hair metal..

i'm currently bent on a keeley modded ds-1. that should be the most i will be paying.

also dont ask me to get an amp first. i know the amp is the most important factor for tone. so my savings are alrdy dedicated to that. but its going to take a long to time to save for a orange rockerverb. i'm a student so it's going to take a while to get it.

try not to mention boutique pedals. i've been gasing for a subdecay blackstar and mi audio tubezone but.. i need to eat. i've been skipping meals cos of gas..

thanks guys i need suggestions!!
What amp you have at that moment? (thus we can recommend pedals that are more likely to work better with your current amp)
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metal muff has too much gain. i thought about it. it also has this fuzziness which i dont really like.

i use a vox ad30vt.
Proco Rat can do from light overdrive to heavy Metallica distortion. Not that you said you played Metallica, but it can get the level of gain you want and more
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