started a new term. and ive chosen to do GCSE spanish. 1st lesson and she set homework, i have to write about my town in 15 lines. it doesnt seem like much but over the summer i've forgotten half the stuff i learnt and everthing i do remember is useless.

anyone else know decent spanish?

this is what ive done so far.

vivo en corfe mullen. esta en el sur. es turistico. mi pueblo hay la parada de autobus, iglesia y correos. mi pueblo no hay banco, castillo, cine y aero puerto. vivo en una casa. no me gusta corfe mullen porque abburido y tranquilo.

and if i dont do enough i'll get done in by the teacher

done 12 lines now. dont know what else to write.but seeing as ive only just got back to school i think (and hope) the teacher will understand
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Spanish is awful to try and decipher, you should have chosen something better
If you're truly stuck, stick it all into a translator and hand it in. When you get it back and she moans about your grammar just say you'd forgotten what to do but at least you took a stab at it.
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^ i need ideas of what to write though. then i can use a translator
remember kids, you can't spell bass without ass

RIP Jimmy 'The Rev' Sullivan

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Also, I would tap Helena Bonham Carter like a Van Halen solo.
Good start but just talk more about your sentences. Like it's touristic...ok. Add some details to that. There is so much you can do with this.

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I'm also not very good in spanish, but i think you've forgotten the "es" in the last line (porque es muy aburrido) and you spelled aburrido wrong.

sorry, but i don't know anything about your town so i think, i'm useless:-)
I stopped spanish at the end of Y9 (now in Y11) and I'm pleased I understood all of that .

anyway, maybe describe your house more and stuff, and where your town is in Britain?
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Instead of having 'I live in corfe mullen.it's in the south. it's touristy.'

You could try and make it more interesting, like,
I live in corfe mullen and it's in the south. Normally, it's quiet/peacefull but in the summer it's very touristy.
-Vivo en Corfe Mullen y esta en el sur. Normalmente, es tranquilo pero en el verano es muy touristico.

And also try not to list things, teachers don't like that. The translator idea seems good, but those are sometimes very, very wrong :-P
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