I play electric and acoustic and i was wondering if you guys clean your guitars alot and if so what do you use? Also do you clean strings? Thanks
I wipe em down with a rag while I'm playing. But I play them all the time and gig out all the time so I don't really clean them much. I'd be cleaning them all the time! I change strings when needed and don't attempt to clean them either accept wiping down while playing to get some of the sweat off.
Iv been using the Dunlop 65 and PRS cleaners for a while using a microfibre cloth and have had great results. I also use a microfibre cloth to get the grime off my strings too.
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I just use a soft polishing cloth to wipe off sweat and smudges from the body bridge, and strings after I play. I change strings about every 2 months or so and wipe down the fretboard, but not with oil or anything, just a rag. Oil can damage the fretboard in the long term.
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I use (cardinal sin) Mr Sheen on the body, and oil on the neck and fretboard. I clean it every couple of months when I change strings.
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thers no need to go over board with it just wipe it down with a cloth would work. but i do have a question does using a string cleaner make ur strings feel slippy?
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hot soapy water whenever you change strings for the fretboard, just wipe it off everytime you play it with a cloth or something
Thanks Guys! So does anyone use string/ body cleansers or do you just use cloths? If you use a specific brand can you say? thanks!