You know the logo for live 8, Africa with a guitar neck coming out of the top, does anyone know if this guitar was actually made ever and if its actually possible?
Probably not

You could make one yourself though
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I saw a guitar that looked like an m-60 complete with the belt of bullets and all. It was awesome, and completely unplayable because of the awkward shape.
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Not quite the same, but close enough for me to call making one yourself possible.


EDIT - Think it through, in a few million years time the guitar will need reshaping, considering the effects of the sea levels rising and the fact that tectonic plates are constantly moving, the earth is meant to go back to being like Pangea one day, remember that....
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If you put a guitar neck on Africa, you'd crush Italy, and all we'd have was terrible american pizza with the spicy, sugary sauce. Yeurghh!
I definitely saw someone play it at Live8, can't remember who though. I think it was Jamelia's guitarist but I'm not entirely sure.
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i'm pretty sure madonna or some other blonde singer's guitarist used one
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I'd be more impressed if someone made this one:

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Man that's badass.