Ok, so in a previous thread a asked about getting a new electric, and i've come down to 3 guitars.

Bear in mind that its coupled with an LC30 and i want to try and take some of the bright out of it, though that might be a tube replacement for later. but anyway, here are the three:

Jackson RX10D


Ibanez S-470

Here's my previous thread so you guys can see what i'm after. What would you recommend? Which of these would you advise most?

ESP hands down...easier to play with only two humbuckers and a better bridge than the ibanez...and the jackson...just doesn't look as bad ass ^_^

that's just my opinion...and I'm partial to ESP as it is... ^_^
haha awesome, thanks a lot. The only problem i had with the ESP was that reviews said id had a bright sound, which coupled with my bright amp will not get the desired sound. What thoughts on that mighty UG?

If you use the whammy bar alot go for the Ibanez.
If you want something cooler looking go for the Jackson.
yeah pay ther extra 30 or so quid and get the rr3 it absolutely destroys anything there.
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That LTD is a piece of fire wood with a nice piece of wood stuck to the front. Get the rr3 or the s-470
S470 - if you want to balance a bright amp then mahogany is probably the wood you want.
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