just wanted to know what kind of stuff i should be aiming to be able to play?

i practice everyday but not loads like 2 hours a day maybe.

anyone got any advice?
What kind of music you like, I'm at about 5 years, only about last 6 months focusing on lead though, and 2-3 years total of putting my mind to it....From my experience focus a hundred percent on perfect timing, and jamming out leads in good time... I lean towards bluesy playing, and love srv cause of his great timing
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Well, it's not what you should be aiming to play, or what stuff you should be playing. It's more about what you WANT to play. Noodles from the Offspring has been playing 20+ years, yet he still wants to play punk.

So just play whatever you want.
Cam Sampbell's my hero
look at different styles
learn some country licks

and practice improvisation

get some backing tracks and play over them for a while
Learn some stuff by the greats? Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Eric Johnson, those type of people. Or you could learn bands such as Metallica, Dream Theatre etc. I know they have good guitarists.