So i got told today that my first performance piece for A-level music is gong to have to be an 8-10 minute recital of some Baroque music. And as i'm a guitarist with little to no experience of this kind of music, i'm looking to you kind fellows to lead me in the right direction as where i should be looking to find some pieces i can play, i can play VERY basic classical, where it's only one or two bass notes per bar, other than that i start to get a bit lacking, any help and i'll love you forever.
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Hey, it'd be awesome if anyone could help me as well as I'm in pretty much the exact situation, kill two birds with one stone as it were, to recite a lame-ass metaphor.
So yeah, can anyone suggest any good Baroque pieces for me/I-AM-NOT-GOD?

And don't think I'm half arsing my exams, I've already done a bit of research into this, but all the pieces I can find have been taken *grumble*
So any help would be awesome
Your music test requires you to play a classical piece of that difficulty assuming you have enough skill to play it completely forgetting about electric and acoustic guitarists. First off you need to talk to your teacher. Tell him/her that you can't play classical guitar at that level and ask if there is anyway to do a different piece in the exam.

If not, start off working on lots of etudes by different composers(Sor, Carcassi, Giuliani, Carulli, Coste) to build your technique. Then move onto harder pieces.

How long do you have to prepare for this exam? An 8 minute piece can be a lute suite by Bach. If you only have a week to prepare or something you won't make it.
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I was pretty much in the same boat as you guys. However I merely had to perform a piece with a baroque link. (Something in ritornello form etc.) It didn't necessarily have to be a baroque piece!
You might want to check that over with your teacher.

In the end however I found out that I could perform one of my own compositions instead of doing a baroque linked piece.

So it might be worth checking that out too!

EDIT: What I actually performed was one of the compositions that I submitted as coursework

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