OK TG, here's my dilemma. I can have a wah pedal for my birthday, up to the price of about £150. I've been looking at a few options: the Digitech Whammy, Digitech EX-7, Jim Dunlop Cry Baby, etc. Can you recommend a good pedal for me?

(I play mostly hard rock and metal, if that helps).
the whammy is not a wah!

check the ultimate wah thread!


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Find the Ultimate Wah thread. The Digitech Whammy is not a wah. Dunlop Cry Baby isn't very good.
For hard stuff Morley Wahs, Dunlop 595Q, Dunlop Slash Wah.
dont get crappy dunlops

get the real deal
jen crybaby

or morleys or the zakk wylde for more hard rock/metal wah

try out rmc teese wahs theyre amazing