I've been playing acoustic for about 3 years now self taught so i'd say i'm fairly competent at guitar but i was wondering if any of you guys could give me some good techniques to practice to try and increase my abilty at electric. other than scales and stuff.

Maybe tell me what you found best to work on and what helped you get the best results.

I would practise Alternate picking, if you dont already know... it will be easier to bust out a good solo with alternate picking than with down picking.
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oh yeah forgot to say i've been practicing that. still needs a lot of practice though
tapping i guess.
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palm muting. essential for heavier styles if you're into that sorta thing.
pinch harmonics, this a quite a bitch a first, get them down and have loads of fun!
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Bends, hammer ons and pull offs if can't already, using all your four fingers, palm muting.
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