I don't get why so many threads are being closed these days, only a few minutes ago someone closed a thread where someone asked if anyone else was going to a concert. That's just stupid. I guess this one will be closed also.
maybe another similar thread had already been made?
wen i ask they say that they fall into the habit smhw ........but nyways i think there is a connection smwhere. Now i being a teetollar will not give into this habit nyhw

There's a 'I have tickets for' thread. Most of the other ones that have been closed are just stupid threads.
I bet this will get closed...
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Powerhungry mods.
It's not like this particular subforum is going to be used for anything useful anyway.


making your own sub forum and making it viewable (llamas )
thats abusing power mods
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what? noone has reported this yet??? weird

I don't report threads if I can help it.

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The forum for all general discussion that is not covered by other forums, from music issues to whatever.

Thats why.
It's a well observed fact that the quality of an online community diminishes as it grows in size. I've been a "UG'er" since 2002. Have been a mod. Have made lots of friends, most of them don't post here any more. But this is the same old story. The mods are given very little guidance by Zappp as to what kind of threads are tolerable. I even remember Zappp once saying in the mod's forum "delete all stupid threads. Don't move them. Don't close them. Delete them". He left it as an exercise to the mods to decide what "stupid" means.

Most of the mods (and I'm not complaining, just stating a fact) become mods by befriending the other mods. They're a little sub-community of UG'ers who have their own ideas about what the forums should be like, and they tend to close threads that don't align with those ideas. So if you want an answer, you'll have to talk to the mods.

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I'm surprised you returned to this thread after cheeseman owned you.
all threads are closed for a reason.

if your thread is closed and you don't understand why, PM one of the pit mods, include a link to the thread and ask nicely why it was closed. if they weren't the mod who closed it, they can direct you to the correct person.
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