alright so all the mp3 players ive had have been shit, long story short, im starting college and i really need one to carry be along in between classes or studying/doing homework...but i want one that will last. 95% of the people i know have iPods, so the advice ive gotten is a little bias, and apple and i-tunes arent exactly my "go-to" brand. i also want to be able to use it in my car when driving, i know ipods have like a cassette or somethign where i can play it in my car (my cd player sucks), but idk if the zune has them or not. video play is a plus, but i'd prolly never use it, along with a radio (all the stations around here suck). ty in advance for your inputj
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I don´t like Zunes...
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i've never played around with a zune but i really like my ipod and have never had problems with it
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Zunes have a really stupid OS IMO.

The iPod's is limited, but it works and makes sense.
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Personally, I like iPods more. I've never had any problems with my 5th Gen. Video (well, the battery is crap in mine, but I know I can get that fixed easily, if need be), but that's not to say I don't like Zunes.

Zunes have some nice features, a good interface, a decent look, an okay screen, and I like the radio integration.

But, as I said, I like iPod better. I like the Click Wheel, I like the interface, I like the style, etc. It beats the Zune in most every category, in my book.

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