Does anybody on here know where I could find a site that sells any type of Cort guitars? Because I've read up on the history of Cort and read the specs on most of their products, and they seem like a really good manufacturer. I'm really considering buying one of their guitars. Anybody know where i could find one, though?
FFS google!
this took 2 secs, literaly 2 seconds.

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I was asking for places to buy them OFF OF THE INTERNET. Perfect quote, "a SITE to buy them on." Learn to read before you tell me to google something.
Because i dont want to drive for 6 hours to get a guitar, then drive 6 back and waste gas. I'm not made out of money.
Well I don't know were you live but maybe www.thomann.de works?

And I just have to say: Cort makes extremly good guitars and the price damn, you can't afford not to buy one. No but seriously they're really good.
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I have the EVL-Z4 and it is way nice. I got it this weekend. The action is lowered so it has better playability, the EMG pups scream and when i run it through my zombie pedal the sustain lasts forever. I would def. recommend corts
I have the KX5, but the EVL Series are serious tastieness, along with the VX and KX, and pretty much everyline they do. (:

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ebay, if you are willing to live with used and want a good deal.
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