So people are calling this "the sucsessor to the Enzo". Yeah right. WTF, it looks like an F430 with the rear wheel blown out of proportion.

Article: http://www.nextautos.com/ferrari-enzo-successor-spied?gid=10618&nid=27440#gallery-10618

Pic'age (more at above link):

After looking closely, it kinda looks like a pretty good Photoshop job. Is it just me?
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Looks kinda feminime.
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It is most likely pictures of the f430 scuderia, which is faster around the ferrari test track than an enzo.
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it looks pretty much the same as the f430

That's what I was thinking. It looks pretty average for a new model. I don't like Ferraris anyway.
It's an early version. Hence the "Spied" in the title.

For all you know, part of the body/layout may be based on an F430, or that's what they're using as a base for a test they're running.

You can never really tell with car companies.
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Ferrari always disguise their new cars with different bodywork when testing them.
Clearly the F430 body is being used as "camo." Sort of how Mercedes used a Viper body to cover the new gullwing supercar. Either that, or they are doing an update of the 430.
Its probably a test bed for a new chassis or improvements to engines etc
Ferrari are known for doing this.

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Looks kinda feminime.

It is a ferrari afterall...
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