And no one really seems to remember. My parents aren't even going to be home for it, so it looks like I'm spending this year alone

I feel so unloved

I'm 17
Does /everyone/ have a birthday today? =\
Or is it just me.

Anyway happy birthday :]

Hey, buck up friend.

I am in the same situation. It is my birthday as well, but I have noone to celebrate it with.
I will probably go have a beer or two alone tonight.

Happy birthday though

(I remembered from that "Everybody's birthday" thread)
For you.

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my parents werent home on my birthday cause they had to go have my dog put down
Psh. I didn't celebrate my 18th birthday. None of my friends remembered and the closest thing to a present I could afford was a caramel frappuccino from Starbucks. All of my relatives forgot and ended up calling me several days later.

I'd rather have missed my 17th birthday. 17 is nothing.
Come to think of it, I don't think I celebrated my 17th either.
happy birthday? don't worry, after you spend the first 2 alone its not a big deal anymore. i've spent the last 10 or so alone! go have a beer and cheer up man.
lol, are you serious?!?!?
it's my birthday too! im also 17! thats freaking hilarious!

just do what i do on my birthdays: play guitar all day. or, go out and get yourself some new gear, that always cheers me up
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