Okay so I'm in Year 11 at school now (Yes that's UK, im not sure what grade that is)
I've switched out from IT and joined music, but seeing as all my class have completed their practical exam and their first piece of cwk last year, I've got a WEEK to do my practical.

So, I would liek to perform Surfing with the alien - Joe satriani

Now I dont suck at the song, but I could really do with some tips from you guys.
Even the smallest things it might help get that A*

I'm using an Epi LP with a DS-1 distortion, a cry baby GCB-95 wah, and my Tech 21 trademark 60 amp. I've found quite a nice tone for song. But anything you guys could contribute would be a great help.


Make sure your playing is clean and keep strings from ringing out. That'll bump your grade up a good bit. Could you record a clip of you playing it and post it in your profile? We can give you more useful advice that way.
My epi dosent have a wammy.. but I think I can do a pretty decent job considering I dont have one. I'l try recording it in a few mins
Keep it really clean, and work on performing it instead of just playing it, if you get that.
Sorry for not getting a recording up last night guys.
Im doing one right now so I'l upload as soon as possible
although it will probably be far from my best haha
Okay recording upped to profile!

I made quite a few mistakes though
I've got until sometime next week to practice it and tighten it up

so anything you can tell me to improve will be sincerely appreciated.
Plus I'm not sure wether or not I have latency on the computer, or poor rhythm (Y)
i don't know if you had mic problems there, but to be honest, the solo was awful :S
you had way too many mistakes. maybe you should try an easier song instead?...

The backing track is just drums bass and rhythm guitar
I asked my teacher and she said it's okay as long as the backing does not play what I'm playing at the same time.


Yeah I agree it didnt sound good.. But unfortunately I think that's because I have a half habit of improvising.. and I know the pick tapping didn't sound right at all, sometimes that happens sometimes it dosent.

If do think I should consider changing song though, do you have any recomendations?
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They'd probably rather see a less difficult song performed at 99%-100% than a difficult song performed at 60% - 70%.

Any reccomendations?
Haha dude i'm in the same position, well, kind of. Im year 11 too and doing music but i do IT A level and am thinking of quitting music just because of theory work and its so hard to think of what song to play to record that's gonna show off your skill but is quite easy for you to play. I guess it depends on your taste, a lot of Metallica stuff would be good to play in my opinion - great riffs, great solos, etc. But if you want to do a solo piece like Joe Satriani or Steve Vai stuff then I recommend choosing something you know how to play off by heart otherwise it wont sound up to scratch in my opinion.
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Quote by drewfromutah
They'd probably rather see a less difficult song performed at 99%-100% than a difficult song performed at 60% - 70%.

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Not to bad I guess, I've heard worse.

Maybe Midnight by Satch? Good for skills on tapping, murder if you even mess up a single note or can't nail the clean'ness of it.
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Okay so ive had a little look through.

And I think cryin' would be fairly easy to learn as long as I get the bends nice and a good vibrato. So yeah I think I'm gonna practice the hell outof it