Hey there,

i've owned a VOX wah wah pedal for ohhh 3 years or so. and all of a sudden it has an issue i've never experenced before.

When i turn the pedal on, the sound goes dead. further more, when i rock the pedal backwards it will remain dead until i get near the end of the pedal's range of motion, at this time a very high squeal erupts from the amp-what is neat is that i can control the frequency by rocking it around, get a 'police siren effect',

anyone ever run into this before?
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battery ran low maybe? when i left my wah wah pedal untouched for a week it did the same thing when i tried to use it
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The only time I've seen this happen is when the instrument and amp are plugged in on the wrong sides.
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i checked the battery, it is fine.

perhaps i could have had it plugged in backwards...lets hope.
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