I bet that was a pain in the ass to capture and treat him. Elephants are already crazy as hell.
None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.
i already posted this ...
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I've been here nearly 4 years now. I get no respect.

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Respect in the pit?


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Amy Winehouse is in the news again I see.

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The traders fed the elephant bananas laced with heroin
New way to do heroin. No more needles!

*waits for sales of bananas to increase*
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Banned because... Disaster, you good sir, are a f*cking genius!
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Amy Winehouse is in the news again I see.

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Who wastes heroin on elephants?

It's to drug it so it doesn't get all pissy.
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Go drink some fucking bleach, asshole.

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I found that story quite sad, I laughed at the Amy Winehouse comment but it's a shame to force an animal to go through withdrawal and addiction, people choose for themselves to go through it but that poor animal had no choice.