Hey guys, I'm buying an 80s MIJ Fender strat on craigslist and the guy says that the tone knobs, pickup selector and input jack are having issues. How much would it cost to get it fixed? I'm curious because I'm wondering what to offer in terms of price. Would I have to replace the pots?
Pots aren't that expensive, so I would say maybe $100? I dunno really, but maybe so.
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to replace em all shouldn't be more than $20 in parts, labor is where the cost is.

If you can handle a soldering iron and can read a diagram, you could do it yourself.
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What if I replaced the pickguard entirely with a loaded one? Then all I'd have to do is solder it onto the input jack, right? I was actually thinking of replacing the pickups.
that'll cost quite a bit more.

Expect $100-$300 for pickups, depending on brand/quality. Probably no more than $300 for loaded pickguard, I would expect.

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