i play guitar but im trying to get my friend into playing bass, so that maybe we can start a band and im just wondering what are some good and bad things about bass guitars. also if this helps he like bands like metallica, megadeth, iron maiden, black sabbath, disturbed, AC/DC ,SOAD, and other bands like that
Well...if he doesn't want to play, he doesn't want to play. You can't really force him to do it, otherwise he'll hate it.
there isn't anything bad about bass, he may not like it if he wants to be in the spotlight because only a few bassists hold center stage in most bands, of course there are exceptions like Lemmy and Geddy but generally not so much
Does he actually want to play bass?
Also tell him that the good points are:
1. Bass is awesome
2. Your automatically cool
3. If your lazy you don't have to learn chords
and the bad points:
1. Occasionally you have to put it down
2. Instrument discrimination
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he says that he's thinking of playing but he doesnt want to play guitar

Alright. Well, like Bonesaw said, bass isn't for those who enjoy the spotlight. Otherwise, it's about the greatest instrument to play. There has never been a day since I started that I wanted to stop or thought, "This isn't cool." It's always fun.
i did tell him that bass is pretty cool and you could make some pretty good sounds with it and i've known him since like 3rd grade now in 11 and he does like Geezer's bass playing he doesnt mind not being in the spotlight
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tell him to get into it then
but make sure he understands that he WILL NOT be able to play like geezer butler straight away, it will take a while, but with practise, it wont be long before he is a decent bassist.

If he does take it up, tell him to sign up to this site, and point him in our direction... i want to congratulate him myself on the best decision he could ever make

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