Ok so lately I got myself my first pedal. For those wondering, it's a MT-2, but it's really unrevelant to this topic.

After taking it out and messing around with it for about an hour, my friend shows up and he wants to go out, so I put my pedal off, and leave to go do something I don't remember(probably drinking, anyways). When I come back, I try to turn the pedal on but it just won't turn on. I figured it was probably cause of the battery that was being used in the shop, etc.

So today I got myself a new pack of 9v batteries. I'm just wondering before, if there's anything I can do to prevent my batteries from running out when I'm not playing. Like, should I unplug it from everything, or should I remove the battery when I'm done with it, and put it back when I need it? I've heard of stomp boxes too, but since I only own one pedal at the moment, it's out of the question. There's also the adaptor, but I haven't seen it anywhere.

I'm just looking to save money cause yeah... batteries always end up being a pain in the arse eventually. Thanks
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Remove all cables from the in and out jacks, that way it wont ever sap battery power.
that is a stomp box
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and dont buy the boss power supply, just read the box or booklet that came with it and find out what voltage adapter and size and current and stufff it is and buy a regular one for a fraxction of the price from your local hardware store - it does the local shops a favour andboss have already stolen too much of your money.
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a visual sound 1spot will solve all of your power problems
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get a cheap marshall... my MG15DFX has a button that simulates the sound of one of the expensive tube marshall amps.
who uses batteries? buy yourself a power supply and a daisy chain. i recommend the 1spot or the dc brick. take out the battery when not in use. and why a boss??? damn. i gotta sig this shit.
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