Check out my band please and give me feedback.
If youre from the area you should check out one of our shows. We're playing with Asdteria in 3 weeks they've been featured on PV alot lately.


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first off let me throw that if i liked scene ish music more i would probably like you more. but my dad does and im just imagining what he would think of. in my mind he likes you and listens to you in his car..... and hes like.... just listen to the drums when that double bass comes in... yeah isnt that awesome. isnt that riff awesome.

and then i think . i like BS for the most part, not a fan of the vocals too much, and i couldnt listen to the first song, that was a lie, i am now. lots of guitar goin on, whats with the weird vocals, something was going on with it, like it was computerized...
for you genre, not bad, im not too in this genre and i listened, which is an accomplishment since i cant hardly stand it.

my band?