It's been a long time since i've posted a song on here. So here ya go. No drums or anything. This song is kind of still in the development phase so I haven't added the drums yet

Anyway tell me what you guys think. Please listen to the whole thing first before you comment.

Ps if you know what genre this would be please tell me lol.
Jeff Loomis

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Quote by Bassefar
hardcore punk?

Maybe I should change the name of this thread to Neoclassical-progressive-metalcore. As it seems like only threads with names like that actually get replies
Jeff Loomis

I'd reply but I can't open gp5 files if you upload a gp4 I'll do C4C

EDIT: Never mind actually, I managed to open it in TuxGuitar

I liked this, I can imagine it being very powerful with some kinda aggressive clean vocals and maybe a bit of screaming - I'm guessing that's the idea? Harmonisation is nice too, and I liked the solo but it would be better IMO with a bit more variation from the sweeping. Overall, really good song, definetly worth continuing - sounds like my sorta thing

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