Ok so ive been learning to play for about 2 weeks now, just learning basic chords and strumming etc. The problem im having is im not landing on the chords flush, which means i either mute the strings or get alot of buzzing. Ive been making this mistake since day 1 now and its really starting to bug me. Im getting really frustrated every day that i play, So my guestion is, should i take a break from playing for 3 or 4 days or should i keep playing through it ?
2 weeks is nothing, I'd expect you to still be making mistakes. Just be patient, take your time and don't try to play too fast. Practice as slowly as is necessary for you to be able to fret each chord cleanly and strum it accurately....if that means taking 20 seconds to finger a chord then so be it.
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have a days break if you feel like it. But, as the good mr. seagul says, two weeks is nothing. Hell, at two weeks I was sill mashing open srings and playing with my trem!
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Having only recently gone through the "I've only been at this for two weeks" period, I can recommend...

Sloooow dooown.

Changing chords accurately and slowly is a lot better than being quick and messy. Once you get to the point where you can slowly and accurately change around the various open chords, then (well, it worked for me anyway...) you'll find you can start upping the tempo a bit, as your muscles will have learned (it takes a while...) where to put your fingers in order to fret the chord you're aiming for accurately, rather than having to rush around without really knowing where they going, which sounds like what's happening at the moment.

The other thing to remember...

It's not easy at the very beginning, at all, and the chances are everyone posting on here had exactly the same problems at the start. In another few weeks time, you'll look back at how you're playing now and think "two weeks ago, I couldn't hit A major cleanly, now I can". For a good moral-booster, record yourself now, then listen to it, say, at the end of the month, and compare it to what you can do then. You'll be pleasently surprised.

And the last point...

You can play a few chords on a guitar. That means you're infinitely better than you were two weeks ago, and you're also infinitely better at playing the guitar than the majority of people on the planet are now, or ever will be.
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Im playing for one year, and i still have so much to learn
You just have to be patient, and do these 3 words:


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I remember coming home smashed one night and trying to play Enter Sandman after only about 2 weeks of practice....what a train wreck that was!

As everyone else said, 2 weeks is nothing. Someone once said in an article I was reading that it takes about 1-2 years of consistent practice to really get good at something, and about 4-5 years or longer to really master it.

I'm not saying it will take you years of practice to play chords cleanly, but you just need to be patient and give it time. I remember as a teenager I always wanted to "master" something in a few weeks, sometimes just a few days! Then I finally realized that getting good at something is really just about repetition, repetition, repetition, and having fun at the same time.

So keep practicing and have fun playing!