I f*cked my bridge pickup from changing the covers and i need to get a new once.

Fender Stratocaster mim 1994.

Mexican pickups are crap and i want really nice bridge pickup so i can pull the harmonics and fast solos!

Advice please

Ah and also, if i want to replace the pickups, can i just cut the wires and attacth with wire to wire intead of placing the wire into the volume pot,etc?

It is easier for me to attach the wire to wire and leave the old wire on and just cut the wires out and attach with the new pickup wire.

I hope you understand this, sorry.

Advice please.

you need a soldering iron.

you need to desolder the old wires and solder the new wires (which will be different colors) to the pots and switch.

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How about a Seymour Duncan JB Jr in the bridge? A pretty versatile pickup and awesome for what you described



I had it in my Mexican Strat now it's in my Strat copy, it's awesome distorted (like crunchy distortion). I don't like the cleans though

Or you could look into the Lil '59 pickup