i have a problem with my pinky,
when i do “trill” --1h4p1h4p1h4... veri fast, my pinky's sick, i cant play my pinky for a few minutes,
can you help me about it?
try this just trill between ur ring finger and pinky to build up strength may help buddy of mine told me this and it helped after awhile
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A trill is simply alternating (usually quickly) between 2 notes using legato (no picking).



That's a series of 3 trills in E minor. Don't ask me why the last A's way out from the rest of the tab, it's not meant to be...
Trills are very common in classical music, composers like Hendel, Bach and Vivaldi. I mean, Fur Elise starts with a trill really, a slow one but anyway, it's the best example I could find.

If you look into ANY neoclassical at all, Yngwie for instance. Those songs would really suffer if you can't trill.

Those exercises are also good for building up strength which you need when playing legato and those nasty stringskip licks Paul G uses.