so tomarrow, me and my girlfriend are gunna be together for one month!! except, neither of us know wat to do...

any ideas?
btw, her mom is pretty over protective so we cant do anything too crazy.
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nothing. its a month. celebrate at 6, and then 12 etc. etc.
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Just hang out, doesn't have to be anything to special, I mean you've only been together 1 month.

Have fun though =D
Don't let her think a month is anything worth celebrating. If you do that she is going to want to celebrate every ****ing month after that. Instead celebrate either 6 months or 1 year. Otherwise you will break up in a few years and realize you wasted money every month on that bltch.
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First of all, relationship thread. Second, 1 month is nothing. What is this, your first relationship? Third, give her your most prized possession. This can be either your penis or your guitar. Chose wisely.
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A month! Thats good, you've given it enough time, Chtulhu will accept her as a sacrifice now. You've done us all proud.
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nothing. its a month. celebrate at 6, and then 12 etc. etc.

exactly that
a month
mine nd my gf's six month is coming up soon
i dunno exactly when cos it was a bit messy before we got together
eat a bowl of frosted flakes together
theyreeee greaaat
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A month. Seriously? What the hell dude? It takes longer to plan a wedding. Be a man and let her touch your penis.
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A month. Seriously? What the hell dude? It takes longer to plan a wedding. Be a man and let her touch your penis.

Because it takes a month to allow them?
It involves a penis and a vagina. That's right. Watch porn for your anniversary.
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A month is nothing to get excited about. If you're both in school, that's only really 4 weekends you could have had together.

Wait 'til you get to 3 and a half years .
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Man that's badass.

Since after a month you've obviously proven you guys will be together forever, i say you have sex with her and forget to pull out. Cause when she gets knocked up you will know for sure if she's the one

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a month

Seriously, counting the days is not a healthy thing to be doing. Forget that crap. The success of a relationship is not in its duration.
go go disco.....whomever said that was right and must have been laid twenty + times.......or not at all because this is UG, and if you arent getting chicks pregnant your single....which leads to my next point, pics or shes fake!