I do NOT accept paypal... sorry. Only money orders.

Also... i will add insurance onto the item's shipping price.
Thanks, and please buy.

Okay, first off, is Taking Back Sunday's album, "Louder Now". $8

Second, is My Chemical Romance's album, "The Black Parade". $8

Next, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus's album, "Don't You Fake It". $8

Now, as for these next few CDs, they don't have the case/booklet with them, it's strictly just the CD. And also, a few of them have some marks on the back(smudges, scratches, etc.) but i took the liberty to listen to them, and there's nothing wrong with them that i could find.

First, is Godsmack's CD, "Faceless". $3

Second, Linkin Park's CD, "Hybrid Theory". $3

....to be continuted....

Then, it's Good Charlotte's CD, "The Young and the Hopeless". $3

And lastly, it's Good Charlotte's CD, "The Chronicles of Life and Death". $3

And now, for the games. These are for the xBox console. They both come with the booklet.

First, it's the game "MX vs. ATV Unleashed". $12

Then it's the game "AMERICA's ARMY: Rise of a Soldier". $12

Thanks for looking.

If you'd like to buy ALL of it, i'll sell it to you for a total price of $45 (i think it's around $56 for everything individually).

i honestly don't think you'd get more than $6 if you traded these in at an fye.
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^ Awe... that's gay. I'd do it if i could... but my FYE just closed down a few months ago.

I would've done it i i'd have known you could do that!

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Quote by brentondig
No one in their right mind would buy Good Charlotte CD's.

Why do you think i'm trying to sell them???

And you'd be surprised... some people actually like GC... (not me, at least not anymore, but some kids do)

I'm saying no one would buy them because most people on UG would NOT buy GC CD's off you. Try selling them to girls in grade 7 or even guys in grade 7 for that matter.
Lol... i get your point.
Well, no harm in leaving them in the post (can't edit the d@mn thing, anyways).

Maybe some "new" fans of theirs in 5th grade would consider these "vintage."

Buy what for a $8? There's three things up there for $8...

and also, i have no idea. I thought they were around $12-15 new...