So today i got another german shep pup.

i was wondering if he is ever going to grow a longer coat cause his is pretty short right now compared to all the other ones ive seen and my other one(the people we got him from said he was a pure blood german shepherd)

kind of a bad pic but oh well.(Sam)

oh and my other german shep(for the hell of it)
(Mr. Poo)

They look like cool dogs, I wish I was allowed to get one. I think it's short because its the summer coat, you know? But I'm not really sure.
And Mr. Poo
Artemis is right. He looks a lot like mine did when she was a puppy. Granted, he'll never be a plush coat, but it'll grow out.

BTW German Shepherds = best dogs ever.

EDIT: WTF you named your dog Mr. Poo??
i think its gonna stay that way.
my girl has a 5 month old gsd female and her coat has been pretty consistent length wise.

How long are we talking about? I've only seen short coats like that :/

Fear the LIME

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Yeah, it gets longer as they grow up.

that's what she said!!!!

no seriously, yeah, it'll grow. one guy I know has a german shepherd that if it stands on 2 it's taller than him, and it's like 130lbs

EDIT: O, the coat, sorry, yeah, it should grow, like everyone else said, summer coat probably
Mr. Poo is an awesome name! And I assume that it will grow. Like already said, probably the summer coat.
Wow the german sheperd I got looks nothing like that:

Was I scammed?
i hope it grows out haha, it's like getting jumped on by a porcupine every time i come home

hes 8 months old right now.
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like this long?

no thats a long hair gsd which is generally a fault.
it shouldnt grow much more than how its coat is now