Hi, my name is matt and me and my friend alex are looking for more band members. We need a singer for a classic / metal band. I am a lead guitarist and he is a drummer, we could use a rhythem guitarist too. So if you sing, live in central connecticut, or play guitar, and wanna join a band post here or AIM me at

Do you like Death metal? Are you from Connecticut??? DO YOU PLAY BASS!!!!!????

Technical Death metal band Yildun need a bassist, badly. Influences include Nile, Spawn of Possession, Meshuggah, Necophagist, Decrepit Birth, extreme metal. Interested? www.myspace.com/yildunmetal.

nahh metal not death metal.. more classic rock... also i said im a lead guitarist and yes im from CT..
he puts that on everybodys page where in CT and do have something i could listen to before hand?