Hey guys im building my own guitar, i was wondering whats the best in terms of pots you can buy like in resistance or whatever i hear the term 500k pot banded about. im looking to get the best stuff for the guitar.
Pots are measured in resistance so 500k is 500kOhm. 500 is more suited for humbuckers and 250 are for single coils. I think that bigger the resistance, brighter it will be. If you are going with humbuckers you should choose 500k pots. If you are not satisfied you can change them. Gibson makes 300k ones.
Well, i hear 250k are good for single coils, and 500k for humbuckers

I'm working on an custom guitar as well, with a HSS configuration. I was wondering the same thing, if anyone could help me too. For my electronics i'm going to use a killswitch, volume, and one tone knob.
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what kind of pot depends on what kind of pickup u use.

If your going to install humbuckers, use 500k pots

if your going to install single-coils, use 250k pots

get them push pull if your want to add stuff like coil split

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